Climatron® conservatory

August 12, 2006 - 02:13:20 AM

The stunning Climatron® conservatory has become a symbol of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The geodesic dome was inspired by the design of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Covering over a half-acre, the Climatron houses some 1,200 species of plants in a natural, tropical setting. Visitors enjoy bananas, cacao, and coffee trees, plus a collection of orchids and epiphytes. The Climatron is also home to a variety of animals, including tropical birds. Several pools and waterfalls give a sense of lushness, as if visitors were within a true tropical rainforest. The Climatron is ever-changing and is an impressive display throughout the year. Learn about plants and their roles in global and regional ecosystems with computerized, interactive exhibits in the attached Brookings Interpretive Center.

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Pull intense heat of summer

Pull intense heat of summer of dimension husband marathon to send mayor of 1 person death to object cancelling the match especially
2013-03-16 00:12:10 origin: Netease sports 0 people are participated in
Pull Wei Fu especially in Israel capital contest of in the morning a marathon is medium that day, encounter unfortunate accident: A player dies, 24 people are admitted to hospital. Israel Ministry of Public Health publishs a comment after contest, say to should cancel the odd project of this match. But Telaweifu's mayor is held to this reject an attitude, think " cancelling the match will cheap nike shoes be wrong " .
Netease sports reported on March 15: Beijing time on March 15 message, a marathon that Israel pulls Wei Fu to be held this morning especially produced casualty in the match. As a result of high temperature, a long-distance runner that take part in the match is plunged into ha - Bimunuo (Zohar Bimro) death, additionally 24 other players are sent a hospital, among them 12 cases are severe. Plunge into ha - Bimunuo (in) water is drunk to pursue after arriving at terminusAccording to the report of German sports news service, pulled Wei Fu to hold contest of a marathon especially in Israel this morning. Local air temperature is very high, exceeded 30 Celsius in early morning. Accordingly, israel Ministry of Public Health reminded a player before the match, want to taking part in the match discreet. Originally this one marathon of Zhou Wu should be cancelled, but the organizer rejected this demand, just be apart from the whole journey of marathon from what decide formerly about the same 21 kilometers are cut half, become 10 kilometers. 29 years old plunge into ha - Bimunuo begins from start, ran whole journey, the feeling after arriving at terminus is unwell, staff member immediately is given on the side on bottled water, two people are attended. Bimunuo crouchs on the ground to drink water, topple later, the staff member develops emergency treatment to him, but fail to check eventually unfortunate happening.