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90 degrees into the wind

"We will need the full genius of this self-regenerative universe to help us navigate through what could very well become a more and more narrow passage to a benign future. I hope that my life can serve as a hopeful sign to help you and all of humanity through the trials and tribulations that will undoubtedly come our way in the not distant future. It won't be smooth sailing I can tell you that much. The seas will get very rough. Spaceship Earth is at least ninety degrees off course. You see, in such a situation, a course correction of a few degrees just won't do. We need to actually take the helm and turn her hard into the wind. We need to really change our tack and not just make empty gestures. This is going to take a tremendous amount of power. Once we have the power only our integrity can see us through the storm that is approaching."

Buckminster Fuller

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