Eco- Friendly Piping

May 23, 2007 - 02:13:20 AM

GreenPipe USA is a distributor of well-designed and environmentally friendly piping products. Their Pipe replaces traditional systems such as copper, PVC, black pipe, galvanized and other piping materials.

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Solar Flashlight Delivers Light to the Poorest Villages

May 21, 2007 - 02:13:20 AM

The BoGo Light is a scientific, eco-friendly breakthrough that according to its inventor is making an impact worldwide. "From Cairo to Cape Town, from the Caribbean to the Amazon, it is improving the lives of individuals, families, and entire villages by replacing costly kerosene, candles, and disposable battery flashlights with an affordable, long lasting, solar flashlight".

BoGo means Buy one, Give one. "We want our lights to benefit the less fortunate; therefore, with each light purchased in the developed world, a second identical light will be donated to an organization that will distribute it in the developing world with our direct financial support".
BoGo Light
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The Spirit of International Cooperation

November 28, 2006 - 02:13:20 AM

Computer-generated image of a space shuttle docked at a fully completed International Space Station | Credit: NASA

If we can collaboarate at this level in space, can we do it on Spaceship Earth?

In this computer-generated representation, a space shuttle is docked to a completed and fully operational International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is to be completed with elements from the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan and Russia.

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Plug & Play Backyard Wind ( almost)

October 14, 2006 - 02:13:20 AM

According to Popular Science Magazine ( nov. 2006 issue) the Skystream 3.7, available this month from Southwest Windpower, can be installed in a day (after a concrete base is poured). The easy install is made possible by integrating the inverter and the controls into the turbine body which allows only four simple wires to connect directly to your circuit breaker box. An optional wireless antenna sends your computer updates on wind speed, power output, and power savings.

This latest innovation in residential power generation was developed in collaboration with National Renewable Energy Labaoratory (NREL) in Golden Colorado. NREL has been running extensive reliability, performance and endurance testing on the prototype for 2 years. It is now ready to take to market.

I guess its more like pour, plug and play... and don't forget the crane!

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WhisperGen™: Domestic Cogeneration Appliance

September 27, 2006 - 02:13:20 AM

Not exactly carbon free but certainly doing lots more with less.

The engineering of this sleek home appliance combines a stirling engine with a patented 'woble yoke' transmission technology. The yoke converts the linear motion of the engine's four pistons into rotary motion able to drive an alternator.

The result is a domestic cogen boiler unit that produces hot water for space heating, showers and electicity to feed back to the grid ( AC models) or to charge batteries in off grid applications ( DC models).

The product is currently available in the UK on "advanced trial". The AC system runs on natural gas or LPG only. The DC unit runs on automotive diesal and a kerosene version is available. Potentially the AC unit could run on Biogas and the DC unit could run on Bio Diesal or other natural oils. According to the comapny use of alternative fuels will involve a 2-3 year testing and certification process.

In 2004, Whisper Tech signed an agreement with Powergen, a German-owned electricity distributor which is one of Britain's largest energy companies to supply at least 90,000 of the units over five years.

I have yet to find pricing but I know this is not going to be as cheap as a dishwasher even thought it looks like one. I imagine prices will come down if and when mega mass production gets into full swing. If you think of the cost of a conventional hot water heater / furnace plus the value of instalation and electrical generation your talking mucho dinero.

Flexible Plastic Nano Solar

September 21, 2006 - 02:13:20 AM

Using oil to produce flexible nano enabled polymers that generate electricity from the sun is certainly a higher and better use than burning such complex hydrocarbons in cumbustion engines. This is the innovation upon which Massachestts based Konarka is building its company.

According to the company, "Konarka’s products take light in and deliver power out. This direct current (DC) electrical energy can be used immediately, stored for later use, or converted to other forms of energy. Because Konarka’s technology utilizes a wider range of the light spectrum than conventional solar cells, all visible light sources — not just sunlight — can be used to generate power."

With funding from investors Silicon Valley Bank, Chevron, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and a host of venture capital firms, Power Plastic (tm) might actually get to market.

Guess who is getting a first crack at this new technology? Why the military of course! Currently Plastic Power is being developed for portable, electric-generating quonset huts. Other military applications include battery charging on the battlefield, remote power for unmanned vehicles and soldiers, and solar-powered sensor networks.

Konarka also envisions using the power-generating capabilities of Power Plastic(tm) to structures including tents, awnings, roofs, windows and window coverings. And they plan to be the power supply of choice for consumer electronics such as cell phones and portable music players as well as business products such as PDAs, and laptops.

There are no hard specs or effeciency analyses on the company's website as far as I can tell.

The big breakthrough lies in the claim that the photo reactive material is lightweight, coatable, flexible, more versatile, printable and uses ubiquitous roll-to-roll, easy to scale manufacturing technology. All this is supposed to translate to truly affordable photvoltaics.

No wonder they won the 2005 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award among numerous others.

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